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Our Mission & Vision

Marinas Guardian’s mission is to accelerate the protection and restoration of our Ocean. Our vision of properly functioning marine ecosystems where marine life flourishes will enable dependent coastal communities to thrive and contribute to the well-being and prosperity of us all.


The Ocean is a key component of the Earth system – regulating the planet’s climate, providing food to billions and much more. A healthy ocean is essential for achieving all of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 


Our collective understanding of the importance of the Ocean has significantly increased over the last two decades due to the work of many organisations and individuals.  This has led to two globally significant international agreements: the United Nations High Seas Treaty and the adoption by the Convention on Biological Diversity of the 30x30 target.
Combined, these provide the framework for the effective conservation and management of at least 30% of the global ocean, with emphasis on areas of particular importance for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and services by 2030. However, delivering this ambition requires urgent, on-the-water action on an unprecedented scale. 
Marinas Guardian has a unique mix of business, tech, scientific and environmental expertise and brings together new partnerships to identify and proactively address ocean problems towards the 30x30 target.  We are implementing tailored solutions through capacity building and technology transfer to help frontline developing states protect their waters, especially in the Indo-Pacific region, and we are working with industry and governments to develop best practice for neglected ocean issues and to promote sustainable fishing practices. 


Our Impact




The ocean is under pressure from multiple human threats ranging from over-fishing, plastic pollution to PPWs 


While 8% of the ocean is legally protected, only 3% enjoys effective protection 

The establishment of Marine Protected Areas has to accelerate dramatically to reach the internationally agreed target of 30% protection by 2030

Support establishment and effective management of MPAs


Help front-line states sustainably manage their Economic Exclusion Zones (EEZs) effectively 

Drive attention onto the issues of PPWs

Pilot key technology solutions

Build a network to share best practice and facilitate ocean protection projects at scale 

Educate as many people about the ocean as possible 

New, well managed MPAs helping deliver 30x30 target 


Development of local capacity/ resilience 

Global PPW standard and coordinated, funded effort Launch PPW remediation 

Front line states get access to cutting edge technology

Research into marine life impact; repeatable models developed for future projects 

Better awareness drives behavioural change for ocean conservation

Marinas Guardian’s advocacy and project work, guided by the policy framework set out in the ‘Our Approach’ section, is tightly focused on areas and issues where it can add value, complement existing efforts and have maximum impact.
Wreck in the Sea

Potentially Polluting Wrecks


Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

Marine Protected Areas

Educational computer program


News Stories

Marine Conservation Alliance in PNG

Exciting developments with our projects based out of Papua New Guinea Check out the full story on the Loop PNG News article!


Only through collaboration can we reach our goals. A huge thank you to our partners and supporters that believe in our mission. 

If you would like to partner with Marinas Guardian, please get in touch with our team today.


Marinas Guardian is an active member of the following global ocean coalitions:

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