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We are so excited to be working on projects to help protect the Ocean. We are working on initiatives to reduce the impact of human activity on marine protected areas, national economic exclusion zones and on the high seas, such as implementing sustainable fishing practices, reducing plastic pollution, and increasing awareness of the need to protect these areas. We believe that by protecting our marine ecosystems, we can create a healthier environment and better future for everyone.

If you're looking for help in your local area or would like to partner with us - please reach out to our team today. 

Potentially Polluting Wrecks

We are piloting a framework for MPA implementation from understanding the issues to adaptive management and enforcement in collaboration with a variety of technology providers, local stakeholders and governments. We are in discussions with a number of states in the Pacific and Indian Ocean and look forward to announcing some big developments in this area soon.

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Global Standards on Potentially Polluting Wrecks

As announced by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) earlier this year, Marinas Guardian will be working with a powerful consortium of US, UK and Australian NGOs, and marine salvage specialists to develop a complete set of global standards governing the identification and remediation of sunken vessels. The IUCN estimates that over 8,500 vessels are at risk of leaking oil, and other highly toxic chemicals into the sea. 


Sunken Vessels in the Pacific

Marinas Guardian has partnered with the Major Projects Foundation on a multi-year programme to identify, assess and remediate approximately 60 sunken vessels in the Pacific. The numerous naval conflicts during World War 2 left a legacy of sunken vessels, unexploded ordnance, leaking oil and toxic chemicals. 


Ocean Education in Schools

While general awareness of the value of our Ocean has increased massively in recent years and ocean issues have risen up the political agenda, increasing ocean literacy - the understanding of our individual and collective impact on the Ocean and its impact on our lives and wellbeing – is vital to ensure positive ocean action at all levels. Educational and training programs therefore constitute an essential pillar which helps support all Marinas Guardian’s project work building capacity for this and future generations.  

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