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Our small but growing team is comprised of a mix of people with widely different but complementary skillsets garnered from working within the business, scientific research and environmental sectors, all of whom are united by a shared passion for the Ocean and their commitment to the Marinas Guardian mission.  


At the core of our organisation are the dedicated and passionate trustees who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in marine conservation, policy-making, and community engagement. They provide strategic guidance, oversee our operations, and ensure that our organization is always working towards our goals of protecting marine life and the ecosystems they inhabit.

Core Team

Our team of marine scientists, conservationists, and advocates are the driving force behind our on-the-ground efforts. They work tirelessly to identify and establish new MPAs, conduct research and monitoring to understand the impact of our conservation efforts, and engage with local communities to promote sustainable use of ocean resources.

Senior Advisors

To further support our work, we are also privileged to have a team of senior advisors who bring their expertise in diverse fields, including marine ecology, policy-making, economics, and international law. They provide us with valuable insights and guidance on how best to achieve our objectives and navigate the complex world of marine conservation.

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