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Marine Protected Areas

Establishing a global network of effective MPAs is vital if we are to turn the ocean crisis around and restore ocean health. This fact is now recognised globally through the Convention on Biological Diversity’s adoption of the 30x30 target to ensure the effective conservation and management of at least 30% of the global ocean, with emphasis on areas of particular importance for biodiversity and ecosystem functioning and services by 2030. 

The Issue

To realise the stated ambition will be a challenge for all coastal states but hardest for countries in the Global South, including those in the Indo-Pacific, which often lack adequate resources. Given the 2030 deadline, not a minute can be wasted: Marinas Guardian is therefore set to work together with governments, local communities and other relevant stakeholders and actors help implement MPAs in key territories.

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Our Contribution

Our approach to advising on creation of MPAs is to assemble consortia of qualified experts led by in country partnerships with local ministries, NGOs and academic institutions, complemented by international NGOs and academics as needed. We also take into account the full range of biodiversity opportunities, best practice in marine conservation, combined with a laser focus on the impacts, positive and negative, on local communities and stakeholders. Aware of the need to develop the Blue Economy, a developing theme of Marinas Guardian’s work is to ensure that relevant marine spatial planning processes are fit for purpose so that opportunities, within or adjacent to MPAs, are sustainable for this and future generations.   

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